How TennerDealz Works




We buy in bulk, and buying in bulk means that we can offer our customers excellent prices for the things they want. Once you’ve found a product you want and ordered the voucher you will get a voucher receipt. Only once the deal has ended will you be able to redeem your purchase. As soon as the deal has finished, you will get an email which outlines how to go about redeeming your voucher. This could be, booking a table at a restaurant or outlining where you can order a product that you’ve got the voucher for.


We work hard to ensure that all of our deals are clear and the terms are outlined in an easy to read way, however, if you are still unsure about something, please take a moment to read our FAQs below where you may solve your query on your own!



Q: What is the Tenner Voucher?

A: A voucher is redeemable to get products or services at a discounted rate.



Q: Do I have to sign up a group of people I know to get the deal?

A: You don’t have to invite anyone, however we encourage people to share their purchases to ensure friends and family can enjoy the discount prices too!



Q: I like today’s deal – how do I get it?

A: You can click “BUY” before the deal ends and before we sell out! Once the deal has closed, you will receive and email detailing your purchase and when it can be redeemed.



Q: I’ve ordered a voucher, what happens now?

A: You will receive an email containing your voucher and and how to proceed with the purchase.



Q: Can I buy a voucher as a gift for someone else?

A: Yes, however please still check the fine print in case it specifically states otherwise.



Q: I want to know more about the deal before I buy.

A: All the deal details are in the Full Details section on the deal page, this will tell you everything you need to know. If the deal relates to a merchant supplier you can also view their website for more info on them.



Q: When can I use my voucher?

A: All vouchers have an expiry date but please also check that the participating merchant doesn’t have any other restrictions. These will outlined in the Terms and Conditions which you can read before you buy. Please note with certain deals you will have to book before you can use the voucher



Q: How many can I buy?

A: Please check the deal itself as number of purchases varies from deal to deal. Some deals can be bought multiple times, whilst others only allow one.



Q: I’ve waited but I still don’t have my Voucher?

A:   Please be sure to check your spam folders as the email could end up there. Alternatively, you can view all ordered vouchers in your account once you log in on the site.



Q: I’ve accidentally deleted my voucher?

A: Don’t panic! You can log onto the site and access it again through your account!



Q: My code doesn’t work, I can’t redeem.

A: Please double check that the code you are using matches the code on the voucher exactly and you’ve followed the instructions on the voucher exactly too. If you’ve tried to use a code as soon as you’ve received your voucher then please wait 6 hours and try again for the systems to update. If you are still having trouble then Contact the merchant and explain the issue.



Q: Can I return a voucher?

A: We have a 7 working day money back guarantee on all un-redeemed vouchers , Please note refunds could take up to 10 days to process. Please email refunds@tennerdealz.co.uk .

Please include the order number, the voucher code and your payment email, Refund requests received after 7 working days after purchased cannot be refunded.



Q: My Voucher has expired. Can I get a refund?

A: Unfortunately not. We ensure that expiry dates are stated clearly on each voucher and must be adhered to.



Q: Where are my products?

A: Delivery times are explained on the deal page and on the voucher you received. If you have completed the redemption process properly and still not received the products after the delivery window has expired then contact the merchant directly with as much info as you can give them. If you’re still having problems then contact us.



Q: I’m not happy with the deal

A: If you are unhappy with the service or end product, please contact the merchant with your order/voucher number explaining the issue.



Q: Who do I contact if I want to return my product?

A: Please contact the merchant who you ordered the product from.



Q: How do I choose the product specifics (colour/size) when I buy?

A: When you order the product through the merchant website, once you receive your voucher details you can choose product specifics then.



Q: Who do I contact if I want to return my product?

A: Please contact the merchant who you ordered the product from.



Q: How do I check availability?

A: The details for the venue/merchant will be on the deal itself if you need to check specific dates and times. All products deals are all subject to availability.



Q: Is my information safe?

A: Yes, we use a third party payment processor to handle all payment processes securely and efficiently. At no time is your credit or debit card information stored on our servers. However, we recommend that you log out at the end of your session if you are on a public computer.