About Us

An introduction to TennerDealz


At TennerDealz, we believe that ten is the magic number. That’s why we offer everything to our customers from only a tenner. That’s right – just ten pounds.

We harness the power of bulk buying to not only offer you daily deals you won’t find anywhere else, but also to give you the best possible price. And that price is, of course, a tenner! Unlike other deal sites on the web, you always know where you’re at with TennerDealz.



The best daily deals site on the web


With a new deal of the day every single day, you’ll always find new offers from a wide range of industries and product ranges. The discounts can differ in size, but they’re always the very best deals available – we stop at nothing to be the very best daily deals site on the web. But it’s not just about saving money, we want you to experience new things and enjoy experiences you never knew were possible! Ever tried preparing sushi? Or jumping out of a plane? With TennerDealz, all this and more can be yours – at a price you can’t beat.



So how do we manage to offer such great daily deals? Well, we take great pride in developing a close relationship with a wide range of retailers. That level of dedication means we secure mind-blowing discounts and pass those savings right on to you in the form of our deal of the day. It’s a win-win for the retailers and, more importantly, you! Their products are enjoyed by an all-new audience, and your bank balance avoids a battering… we can’t say fairer than that!



What’s in it for you…


With every deal of the day we offer, we at TennerDealz work with you in mind. In fact, we even ask you what we should offer! Just look for the “Tell us what you want on TennerDealz” form on our website – and make your voice heard. Remember: with your help we can make our daily deals even better.

Your security is always our priority, which is why we work hard to ensure that TennerDealz is 100% secure when purchasing your daily deals. From our SSL checkout to the after-sales service provided by PayPal, we’ll ensure you have total peace of mind every step of the way. For extra security, we also check each retailer of our daily deals, making doubly sure that they offer great quality products and meet our strict guidelines. This daily deals site won’t settle for anything less than the best!

At TennerDealz, we believe that a bagging a bargain doesn’t have to mean cheap – far from it. The right product at the right price – that’s the TennerDealz way!